Hotel Astor

Purchased by Karim Masri in 1993, Hotel Astor, a boutique Art Deco hotel is situated in the heart of South Beach. Originally designed by T.H. Henderson, Masri spent two years renovating the building, restoring it to a beautiful and charming property that boasts 1936 Vitrolite wall panels and a cut coral façade. Noted as an architectural gem by the Miami Design Preservation League, Hotel Astor delivers a luxurious and inviting city hotel to both vacationers, as well as travelers in for business meetings. Whether you are coming for the original beauty of the terrazzo floors and the hotel’s history, or the location, just steps from the beach, Hotel Astor offers a tropical courtyard with lush foliage and lanterns that offer an inviting atmosphere for private parties and outdoor dining. With a small swimming pool and a gurgling water wall, as well as well-appointed, comfortable rooms with a modern appeal, this 42-room oasis is a treasure that affords grandeur from year’s past with the comforts of modern luxury.

Sold it in 2008. It was the first of the full blown historic art deco renovations. Say something that after the renoviation he modernized it – he got an anward from the department of Parks. He also wants to say that together with the Delano – those were the two hotels that were full of vibe and energy and the first ones that really showcase a cool funky vibe from 1995-2002 it garnered notable celebrities. Wants to name drop a bit. Within hotel astor there was a restaurant called astor place – highly regarded restaurant in Miami and 4 star reviews.


Address: 956 Washington Ave, Miami Beach, Florida 33139
Phone: (305) 531-8081